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Dagon is a burned out hitman living on the Troll world of Goth, he feels like life has screwed him over and he wants nothing more then to retire off-world and find some peace of mind. When he is offered his dream score by the kingpin Kundilla, he accepts it, even though he knows it will be his most dangerous job yet. He must steal a "Flesh Item" from an Earth ship and deliver it to the buyer, a rich crime lord named Houngan. There is only one problem, Dagon is not as jaded and cold blooded as he thinks he is, and the flesh item turns out to be a human baby girl.




On Halloween night 2017, for the first time, the world was introduced to Dagon, a villain who becomes a hero and struggles to save an innocent child from the cruel world he lives in.  Dagon is a very human character, someone I feel the audience can relate to, he is strong and cold-hearted, and at times merciless, however, beneath it all, he is actually a really great guy. Dagon went through many different transformations over the years, from a mountain troll who did not look human in the least, to a bad ass gangster hitman who looks very much like Jack Black ( a coincidence pointed out to me by a certain movie producer at Disney). Both he and I have traveled far, and if either of us have any say in the matter we will be going even farther in the future. We're working fast, as I tend to do, production is smoothly underway, everything Is going extremely well, publicity is beginning to snowball, and all in all, I am very excited about this film.





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